about hbt

HI, thanks for checking out my work!

I hope it gives you good idea of my style… I’m not much of a writer and have a hard time talking about myself…so you’re not going to find a long paragraph about my approach or philosophy behind my photography.

I can tell you that I’m crazy grateful that I get to do what I love for a living! I started shooting over 20 years ago, photographing my family dog (Chubby), friends and live bands. With practice came jobs at a weekly paper, then a daily publication. Soon enough I was getting work as a wedding and studio photographer assistant and was eventually able to branch out my own. That was over 10 years ago!

I live in the woods (just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY) with my baker/musician husband and our 4 awesome DOGS (Tula, Lucy, Tagalong & Django - all adopted - all special in their own ways). I laugh a lot and loudly (or so I’ve been told). My favorite color is a rich-deep-teal green and my favorite sound is wind blowing through trees (I’m lucky that I get to hear this often in my own yard : )

To keep it simple here’s a list of just some of things I love: Cuddling with my dogs, Music, documentaries, stand-up comedy, Game of Thrones (Ayra is my fave and yes, I’ve read all the books ; ) reading, sitting by a fire in my backyard with an ice cold beer, whisky, nachos, eggplant parm, the birds that visit my bird feeder, lots of plants, peppermint ice cream!