There are A LOT of dogs looking for homes at the Saratoga County Animal shelter right now… these are just some of them. To see who else is available for adoption,  please check the shelter web site HERE or better yet, visit the shelter so you can see them in person n: ) PLEASE contact the shelter directly for info on any of the dogs below. Thank you for looking and please share!

Mar 12, 2018
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Just had to share a few from a recent maternity session… Baby #3 for this beautiful Mama! I’ve been photographing Ginny, and her family, for quite a few years now and can’t wait to meet the newest family member this Spring : )

Mar 08, 2018
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A girl loves her Dog, and her Dog loves her.


To see (& download) your images from the HBT Photo Booth at the SPAC Winter Ball, please go HERE. You’re able to download the images for free, as well as order prints. Congrats to the SPAC Junior Committee on another successful event! The Winter Ball crowd always knows how to have fun in the Booth… here are a few highlights ; )




If you are looking to adopt some new family members to love, please consider Jack & Ava… here’s their story (text taken from Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection) … even if you’re not looking, please share. Thank you!!

Jack and Ava…,,a match made in heaven…..
Now looking for homes.
Special adoption story of a dig dog from Texas now in NY needing our help.
At the Saratoga County Animal Shelter.

Meet Jack! He is border town dog who was lucky to escape an area that many do not. Sadly he didn’t get out of there without enduring horrible abuse. His ears and tail were cut off with what looks to be scissors and was struck so hard in the face that one of his eyes had to be removed. That’s what we know from the evidence that was left on his body. Undoubtedly he went through much more. The abuse certainly left more than physical scars….

Emotionally he was a wreck, adoption events were difficult for him, impossible if Im honest, he was very insecure boy and it showed. After the better part of a year being a foster dog, he was transported out of Texas to New York to what we all hoped would be his forever home. His insecurities got the best of him. He and the resident male dog decided they were not going to be friends. Again he was re-homed:( At no fault of his own that did not work out either. However, one great thing did come out of it, he met a dog who helps him be more comfortable with himself. Ava. Sweet Ava.

After all he has been through, everyone involved with his journey agrees, that they MUST stay together. Yes, Ava could likely go on, make someone a great, life long companion and after some time, heal if they were split up. Not for Jack, we all believe it would crush him. The last straw of way too many straws.
It is very important that this is their FOREVER home. Please consider opening your home to these two beautiful souls. They will need a home with no other animals.

They are at SCAS 
Jack & Ava

His original rescue and foster mom are very involved and have been working closely with SCAS from Texas. Qualified adopters are urged to apply.